Manage your campaigns

Select your campaign strategy:

  • Standard: Boost the whole set of listings
  • Segmented: Target a specific set of listings choosing your favorite criteria: geographical, transaction type, property type, agent...

You set the timeframe:

  • Monthly
  • Ongoing
  • By set dates

Keep control of your campaigns

Visual and intuitive monitoring of the campaigns.

Create your own bespoke charts by dates and campaign types.

Control your performance, spend and delivery on a daily basis.

Market price analysis

Know the market's average CPC and use it to select yours.

Let the tool guide you in the traffic volume you could obtain for each CPC level.

Be more effective than your competition and beat the market.

Pay as you go

Choose the payment option that best suits your needs.

We'll let you know when your account needs topping up.

Easy to manage, no hassle.